Stocks, Donations & Gifts

Stock MarketThe Tribunal Office will administer all  donations and gifts to the Diocese and its entities in accordance with diocesan policy and procedure.  All stock donations and gifts will be credited directly to the parish, school, or diocesan entity designated by the donor and in accordance with the donors’ wishes.  We request that the donor notify the Tribunal Office (PDF form here) and provide us with the number of shares, the name of the stock(s)/security(ies) being gifted, which diocesan entity the gift is to benefit, and how you wish your gift to be applied.  The Tribunal mailing address is as follows:

Diocese of St. Petersburg
Attn: Tribunal Office
P.O. Box 40200
St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0200

FOR DIRECT TRANSFERS (Broker to Broker) to the Diocese of St. Petersburg and all diocesan entities, please use one of the following authorized listed brokerages.  Click on the authorized brokerage to see the contact information.

Merrill Lynch
Raymond James
Morgan Stanley

Please remember to notify the Tribunal Office (PDF form here) and provide us with the number of shares, the name of the stock(s)/security(ies) being gifted, the diocesan entity benefitting, and how you wish your gift to be applied so that we will be able to acknowledge the gift appropriately.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. David E. Ridenour, JD, JCL at (727) 341-6858 or via email at