The Office of Marriage and Family Ministries is a ministry of the Department of Evangelization and Lifelong Faith Formation.

The Department of Evangelization and Lifelong Faith Formation seeks to support the diocesan and local parish efforts to evangelize the people of God and nourish the faith formation of the church through all ages and phases of life.

We commit ourselves to living our baptismal call and to promoting lifelong faith formation and the universal call to holiness as we:

  • Encounter Jesus in our lives through Word and Sacrament and foster this encounter in the lives of children, youth, and adults.
  • Lead people to transformation in Christ and an integration of their Roman Catholic faith with their life experiences.
  • Serve those who live and minister with and for people of faith in our local and diocesan communities.

The role of the Office of Marriage & Family Ministries is to provide:

  • Marriage preparation
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Support for Priests, Deacons & Lay Persons who prepare couples for marriage
  • Referral for counseling services
  • Support and referral for divorce care
  • Resourcing of parish-based marriage preparation and enrichment