Resource Materials

Holidays observed by the Pastoral Center.

Employee Handbook

Volunteer Application:
Form to be completed by Volunteers.

Labor Law Posters: Information on posting of mandatory labor law poster.  Please note that Labor Law Posters obtained by private companies contain information that is considered standard for general businesses.  We are a non-profit and the poster cannot be tailored to our particular needs.  Example: FMLA.  It will be necessary to cover over the FMLA with the Diocesan FML policy.  Click below for additional information.

FML Policy – Diocese of St. Petersburg

The Diocese of St. Petersburg has a specific policy that supercedes any other FMLA policy.  Please click below.

 Independent Contractor Contracts, Criteria and Requirements

Fair Labor Standards & Exemption Regulations.

EXEMPTION REGULATIONS: Criteria to determine if an employee is Exempt or Non-Exempt.

STATUS CHANGE REQUEST: Recommended to record new hires, changes in employment, terminations. This is a three part form that can be requested from the Human Resources Department.

POSITION (JOB) DESCRIPTIONS: Information regarding creating job descriptions.

EAP & HARASSMENT INFO:  Information regarding the Diocesan Employee Assistance Program and material on Sexual Harassment reporting – should be provided to all employees.


EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS: Job/ Ministry Assessment form below can be used as a template; or a memo can be used as long as it includes the same information.  Employee must be provided with a copy and the original placed in employee file.

DISCIPLINARY PROCESS: Recommendations when disciplinary action of an employee is being considered.


 If employee already has benefits, please complete the following forms: