Office of Finance and Accounting Staff

Executive Director of Finance
Phil Signore

Administrative Assistant
Giselle Johnson

Treasury Management & Business Admin
Tracy Kelly, Director

Parish and Schools Accounting
Thomas Heironimus, Director

Financial Systems Administration
Margaret Becker, Manager

Pastoral Center Accounting

Stephanie Boyle

Jeanne Age, Director
Robert Rogers, Manager
Angela Bass, Accountant
Barbara Desmangles, Accountant
Terri Wiles,  Accountant
Janice Van der Henst, Accountant

Treasury Management & Business Admin
Tracy Kelly, Director

Campaign Processing
Kathy King, Lead Processing Specialist
Debra Burnett, Processing Specialist
Marie Bornstadt, Processing Specialist
Mary Ellen Christian, Processing Specialist

Office of Insurance and Risk Management
Valerie Burns, Coordinator

Office of Information Technology (IT)
Mark Moffit, Director
Christine Dandaraw, Training Coordinator. Training website
Ray Miller, Enterprise Information Systems
Scott Sharlow, Systems Administrator
Rob Smith, Support Technician