Mission & Vision

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19)

The Office of Evangelization and Life Long Faith Formation has been rapidly expanding under the leadership of Bishop Lynch and his director, Brian Lemoi, in order to resource and support our parishes in best practices for Catechesis and Evangelization.

Our Mission & Vision Statement

Mission: The Office of Evangelization and Lifelong Faith Formation seeks to support the diocesan and local parish efforts to evangelize the people of God and nourish the faith formation of the Church through all ages and phases of life.

Vision:   We commit ourselves to promote lifelong faith formation as we:

Encounter Jesus in our lives and foster this encounter in the lives of children, youth and adults.

Lead people to an integration of their Roman Catholic faith with their life experiences.

Serve those who live and minister with people of faith in our local and diocesan communities.

Our professional and administrative staff seek to provide assistance, in-service and training to our parish colleagues who assist the faithful of all ages to learn about their faith, grow in Catholic Christian witness and service, prepare for and celebrate the sacraments and liturgies of the Church, understand and live the moral teachings of the Catholic-Christian community and foster this lifelong discipleship with prayer and spiritual practices that will sustain the faithful for life now, and prepare them for eternal life with God.

Executive Director: Brian Lemoi bal@dosp.org
Assistant: Cheryl LaFrazia cal@dosp
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